Sun 21 Dec 2014

Inlay Lake.

Inlay Lake.

My original plan was to spend at least a few days in the Inlay Lake area. However I needed to make an unexpected trip back to the USA, so I spent the morning at an internet cafe booking flights online and buying a ticket for the night bus back to Rangoon.

I did not think I would have enough time to do any sightseeing today. When I explained to the proprietress of the hotel that I was planning to leave in the evening, she encouraged me to find a boatman near the river and do a quick tour of the sights on and around the lake. I took her advice and was speeding down the canal toward the lake not more than 20 minutes later.


Crusing on the canal.


Intha Fisherman.

Intha Fisherman.

Traditional House, Inlay Lake.

Traditional House, Inlay Lake.

Kayan women weaving their traditional textiles.

Kayan women weaving their traditional textiles.


Nga Hpe Kyaung monastery.

The boatman took me to the usual touristy sights, including stopping at a silver shop, the Nga Hpe Kyaung monastery, and a local restaurant, where I had a pickled green tea salad. This salad, called laphet, is a famous Burmese specialty, and is made from fermented green tea leaves mixed with sesame seeds, fried peas, fried garlic, and peanuts, among other things. It was fantastic! 




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