Wed 17 Dec 2014


Random Temple in Bagan.

It seemed that the easiest way to see the Bagan temples (while getting some exercise) was to rent a bicycle and meander around the ruins at my leisure. I rode from Nyaung U, where my hotel was located, towards the town of Old Bagan, stopping along the way at any temple that looked interesting.


Random Temple in Bagan


Random Temple in Bagan




As I was cycling along the road I noticed a sign for the National League for Democracy, the previously banned party whose leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, was under house arrest for many years (she now has a seat in the parliament). I took a moment to dismount from my bicycle to take a photo and wave to the NLD members working inside.

Local Headquarters of the National League for Democracy, in Nyaung U.

Local Headquarters of the previously banned National League for Democracy, in Nyaung U.