Sun 14 Dec 2014

Myanmar Survey Training Center

Myanmar Survey Training Center

Today I again rented a bicycle and rode off in the direction of the botanical garden, but veered off onto Circular Road prior to reaching the grounds of the garden.

Along Circular Road and its side streets were the colonial structures built during the British Raj, including administrative office buildings, homes, schools and churches. Exploring the area by bike was easy. Pyin Oo Lwin was considered a hill station because of its altitude, but the city itself is relatively flat with only an occasional gently sloping hill to give it some character.


All Saints Church


Pyin Oo Lwin was full of ancient horse-drawn carriages that mainly congregated near the market but could be seen just about anywhere on the main thoroughfares and side streets, transporting their fares (mostly tourists) around town.





Horse Carriage1

At one point I found my way blocked by a crowded and lively fruit and vegetable market. I dismounted the bike and explored the market on foot for a while. Back on the main road I found a couple of old barber shops, quaint in appearance but otherwise not very useful to me.





Must be lunchtime.

Barbershop. Must be lunchtime.


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