Wed 15 Oct 2014

Rangoli at Family Home

Rangoli at Family Home in Malleswaram

I arrived in Bengaluru this evening. Its world-class international airport, now renamed Kempegowda International Airport after the founder of Bengaluru, was much bigger than when I was here three years ago. The landscaping around the airport was very pretty, with well-manicured plants and flowers.

There was a phone from which I could make free local calls, and I availed myself of this and called my cousin Sharan to inform him I had arrived and that I would be taking the airport bus to Mekhri Circle. In about 45 minutes I arrived there and Sharan picked me up and took me to his family’s home in Palace Orchards. For the next three weeks I planned to shuffle around Bengaluru to see various family members, many of whom I had not seen since the last time I was here.

Plant in Yard at Family Home in Malleswaram

Plant in Yard at Family Home in Malleswaram