Fri 26 Sep 2014

Fruit Seller, Lakeside, Pokhara

Fruit Seller, Lakeside, Pokhara

After breakfast at the Boomerang Restaurant (where the WiFi password was “kangaroo99”) I stopped at a few trekking agencies to enquire about options for treks over the next few weeks. It seemed that the best options would be a six-day trek to the Poon Hill viewpoint, at around 3200 meters, or a ten-day trek to the Annapurna Base Camp, at around 4000 meters. I was hoping to join a group, but none of the agencies had any availability for me to join up. I left my mobile number and email address and they said they would contact me if some options materialized. They explained they could arrange a trek for me alone, but the cost of course would be higher than sharing a guide with others in a group.

I continued to explore the town on foot for the next hour or so. I had an inexpensive and substantial thali style lunch at a local restaurant, ending with a tasty masala tea. In the afternoon the rain commenced again, so I stayed in my room to do some reading and writing. The shower cooled the air and the percussive white noise of the steady downpour was soothing. Sure enough, I fell asleep for a few hours.

September is officially the end of the rainy season in this region, so I was looking forward to better weather soon.

A Tree in Lakeside, Pohara

A Tree in Lakeside, Pokhara